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Become part of the family!

Want to make a ssbm_character community of your favorite smash brother character and be linked to all of the other ones? Well, you can! I ask that you please follow a few simple rules so that they fit together nicley. ^^

1. Username follows the same pattern. ssbm_character. (Ex. ssbm_marth)

2. Make a 45 x 45 button with the character on it.* A great place to get an image for the button is this site. Please host them on your own server (as I did mine) and allow fellow ssbm_character communities to direct link them. It's up to you if you want to allow regular members of your community to direct link your button or not. If you do want to allow all members to direct link to your image, please let me know so I can add it to this list.

Good/Decent image hosts:,, (paid accounts only),,

*I can make one for you, if you need me to. :)

3. Link to the other ssbm_character communities, as they should link to you. (Please do it in the spiffy "Choose Your Character!" way.)

4. Keep communities on topic. It doesn't really matter to me what rules you have and whatnot, just as long as it's on the character you chose. So if you make a ssbm_pichu community, don't have it be a rating community. x_x; Also, no promoting of 'homophobia', racism, or any of those other horrible things. Everything else is pretty much fair game.

I think that's it...

I will allow comments on this page soon. :) Okay, comments are open now. Hopefully this will go well...

Last Updated: 03-09-2006
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